BMR was founded in 1995, The Sino foreign cooperative enterprises of embedded system software in China, and cooperate with the world's leading embedded system companies for twenty years, BMR provides the rich tools for embedded development, software and solutions. 

 Beijing Microtec Research company focused on the embedded system design and application in industrial control, power control, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, communications and teaching and scientific research areas. The main products promotion include: embedded real-time operating system, software development tools, simulator, embedded software, middleware, software monetization, embedded software test and CAN test platform, embedded hardware platform and embedded real-time operating system training and service etc.. 

 BMR has considerable influence in the field of embedded real-time operating system:

 In 1995, BMR is the company to introduce embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) technology in China, and make a large number of market promotion and education and training works; 

 In 2002, to adapt to the market needs, BMR turned to the open source Linux development in the embedded systems application, and we have a large number of successful applications in the country. 

In 2004, BMR and Montavista founded an embedded Linux research center in China and engaged in the real-time technology research of Linux and tested work. 

 In 2005, BMR cooperated with the famous universities in China, promoted uC/OS-II RTOS to the MCU market, and be accepted by more domestic universities. uC/OS-II is the main embedded operating system software in the university teaching at present, and it is widely used in the industrial control, power control, military and consumer electronics etc.. 

 In 2012, the company combined with the domestic and foreign business, education and publishing agencies, to promote embedded real-time operating system uC/OS-III that is more suitable for CortexM3/M4 ARM architecture . 

 From 2013 to 2014, BMR provide the solutions of industrial Ethernet protocol, CAN module and test solutions, Iot, etc. with well-known manufacturers together. 

 In 2016, BMR cooperated with WHIS and Embedded Office to promote the operating system of functional safety pre-certification : SafeRTOS and Cert-Kit (uC/OS-MPU) solutions. 

 In addition to the embedded operating system and software technology, BMR has long-term commitment to research and promote the embedded development tools, testing tools, development boards and application platform, We sell IAR Embedded Workbench and CodeViser, BDI3000 in MCU/MPU applications, and the solution of the development of embedded RTOS products with a considerable reputation . We had developed and designed the PowerPC series communication platforms, they have a certain influence in the industry . 

 BMR has professional talents who have mastered the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) knowledge, 32 bits microprocessors and devices design, Linux operating system and platform integration, communication, mobile terminal and industrial application of market knowledge. 

 The company has always pursued good faith, equality, stability and development, this is our enterprise culture. Since it’s founded, has successfully developed more than 1000 well-known users and dozens of partners. 

 The headquarter of BMR and operations center in Huayuan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, we have two offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

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